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Architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing physical structures for human use. Cosmetic dental architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing restorations. The technicians at Mariner Dental Laboratory are cosmetic dental architects accomplished at consistently delivering the blueprint for a functional smile.

There’s no job too difficult for us. Our general manager, James Mobarak, is a member of the AACD and he is trained in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry, full-mouth reconstruction and functional occlusion. The breadth of technical expertise and depth of experience of Mariner’s Dental Architech team is instrumental to the lab’s success. Average tenure of the Mariner staff is about a decade but master technicians have worked for Mariner in excess of 17 years. When a new “architech” joins us, even if they have worked with another dental lab, we put them through a rigorous training program. The Mariner Cosmetic Dental Architech training program covers dental laboratory technology, function, aesthetics, anatomy, quality control and customer service. Our team has exceeded customer expectations for over 25 years.

We’re a custom lab, not an assembly line. On difficult cases, Mariner can partner with dentists and oral surgeons, assisting in diagnoses and treatment options. Mariner Dental Laboratory offers an in-house operatory facility and welcomes dentists to send in their patients for custom shading and custom staining. We proudly stand behind each restoration for a full year after delivery. From the simplest restoration to custom-made abutments, we create life-like esthetics in harmony with the masticatory system. To ensure consistency, work is never outsourced to China or other foreign countries where quality may not always meet Mariner’s exacting standards. Mariner offers a 100% guarantee that all of our work has been completed in the United States.

We are the only licensed Lava™ milling center in the city of Houston. Within a few minutes, a block of ceramic can be sculpted into a crown—saving costs and multiple patient visits. We are also the only local lab that does virtual dentistry with digital scanning and Lava™ milling. We are equipped to receive digital files from the Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner by 3M™ ESPE™. The digital impressions captured by the dentist are sent to Mariner where they digitally cut the die, and mark the margin. The file is virtually ditched and the data is seamlessly articulated with the operative, opposing and bite scans. From that point, Mariner Dental Laboratory can either complete the restoration traditionally or use CAD/CAM.
For unparalleled quality and aesthetics, Mariner uses Zirganic™, IPS Empress® and eMax®, Lava™ and Astra Tech® Atlantis™ custom abutments. Technicians are trained and licensed by Shofu, The Dawson Institute, LVI, 3M Lava™, and Vivadent/Ivoclar. 

Through classes offered by Mariner Dental Laboratory, we instruct in the creation of a systematic approach to achieving predictable, esthetic restorations. Workshop topics include:

  • Case treatment planning, diagnosis and sequencing
  • Guidelines for tooth shaping and positioning, anterior guidance and posterior occlusion, canine guidance
  • Analyzing existing pre-op study models for better visualization of the final restoration from the diagnostic wax-up
  • Dental photography

For 25 years, Mariner Dental Lab has helped dentists achieve less chair time while maintaining satisfied patients.  Let James Mobarak and the entire Mariner Dental Laboratory team put their expertise to work for you.