Whether they’re made in America (like Mariner’s are) or abroad, poorly made dental restorations can lead to a number of health consequences for the patient and in some cases, legal consequences for the dentist! This important information comes to us from the National Association of Dental Laboratories, of which Mariner is a member. While dental restorations are sometimes imported from countries abroad it’s important to note that they may not face the same scrutiny of a regulatory body like most labs in the U.S. face from the Food and Drug Administration! There is a growing demand for restorations from dental labs like Mariner here in the states because most dentists want to ensure better outcomes for safe dental restorations for their patients. While there is a market here in the U. S. for high-end and economy-priced work we think you’ll appreciate the experience, techniques, and materials used in all of our restorations. That’s why we’ve been around for several decades! As you can see, it’s extremely important for you as a dentist to know where your restorations come from and what materials are used in the process; after all, “what’s in your mouth” matters! Mariner technicians are happy to share information about the processes and techniques performed here at our lab in Houston in a personal consultation or through viewing the various pages of our website. Simply access our “contact us” tab for more!