Why You Need to know…“what’s in your mouth” ?

Whether they’re made in America (like Mariner’s are) or abroad, poorly made dental restorations can lead to a number of health consequences for the patient and in some cases, legal consequences for the dentist! This important information comes to us from the National Association of Dental Laboratories, of which Mariner is a member. While dental restorations are sometimes imported from countries abroad it’s important to note that they may not face the same scrutiny of a regulatory body like most…

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Lessons in The Power of Digital Dentistry

If you are not up on the new techniques available in restorative design and implant treatment planning, you may need to employ time to devote to the subject. Like with anything else, innovation can quickly leave us behind and we find ourselves trying to catch up with others in the profession. Today’s Hot Topics in Digital Dentistry include 3D Dental Imaging, CAD/CAM, the Chairside and Lab partnership, and computer-guided implantology. There’s always room to learn more about how to schedule…

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Learning about the best Adhesive Cementation Systems

Architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing physical structures for human use. Cosmetic dental architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing restorations. The technicians at Mariner Dental Laboratory are cosmetic dental architects accomplished at consistently delivering the blueprint for a functional smile. When it comes to cementing crowns there are options. But, the one trusted by leading dentists for its proven reliability and ease of use is Multilink Automix from Ivoclar Vivadent. It’s clincially…

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