Custom Abutments

Mariner Dental Laboratory is proud to offer Custom Abutments that are backed by FDA 510(k) clearance. You can be confident with every Custom Abutment you prescribe as this clearance ensures it is designed under rigorous quality protocols. These abutments are compatible with all implant systems and are exceptionally designed. Mariner’s Custom Abutments provide exceptional support for the surrounding soft tissue and are biocompatible.

Mariner’s Custom Abutments come with a 7-year warranty that includes replacement of the crown.

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Nobel Biocare™ Abutments

As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Nobel Biocare™ offers a state-of-the-art family of implant solutions for your patients. From tapered implants to parallel-walled implants and the NobelGuide™ digital radiographic guide, Mariner Dental Lab is proud to offer an extensive selection of Nobel Biocare products. With our expertise and Nobel Biocare’s technologically-driven products, we have a solution for any implant case.


Atlantis™ Abutments

The technicians at Mariner Dental Lab know that no two cases are alike. That’s why we offer abutments from Atlantis™, which feature the VAD™ (Virtual Abutment Design) software. VAD allows for CAD/CAM, patient-specific abutments from the final tooth shape. The attention to detail and customization of the VAD software produces an abutment with optimal functionality and life-like esthetics.


Zimmer® Biomet Abutments

Mariner is proud to provide genuine abutments from Zimmer® Biomet. There high-quality restorative solutions ensure safety and precision in dental surgery. We also provide Zimmer® Biomet healing, tapered, and angle tapered abutments, so you can be confident your patient receives the best option for their case. The healing abutments provide ideal hard and soft tissue maintenance, while the tapered and angled tapered abutments maximize the utilization of available bone.


Straumann® Abutments

We know you want to give your patient the very best in restorative solutions, which is why we offer genuine Straumann® CARES® abutments and anatomic abutments. The CARES® abutments provide flexibility due to their blank sizes, which allows for restorations to be made for both small and large teeth. They also offer patient-specific emergence profile for an ideal esthetic result. Anatomic abutments have a prepared mucosa margin, which makes it a simple solution that requires less grinding. It also ensures flexibility, due to its straight and angled versions, as well as reliability with Straumann® CrossFit® connection.


Screw-Retained Hybrid

The screw-retained hybrid from Mariner Dental Laboratory provides a superior alternative to traditional removable prostheses. This restoration will provide lifelike function and fit for your edentulous patients, as well as preventing bone resorption. Only retrievable by clinicians, this is an essentially permanent solution. Our expert technicians utilize CAD/CAM technology to ensure excellent esthetics, durability, fit, and function. Fabricated using Zirganic™ zirconia, this implant-retained prosthesis is only available from Mariner.


Zirganic™ Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge

Provide your edentulous patients the ultimate restorative solution, the Zirganic™ Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge—only from Mariner Dental Lab. This permanent, implant-retained prosthesis provides a look, feel and function nearly identical to the patient’s natural dentition and helps prevent undesirable bone resorption

All-On-Four Hybrid Prosthesis

Exceed your edentulous patient’s expectations with Mariner’s all-on-four hybrid prosthesis. This solution provides successful rehabilitation of the full arch using as few as four implants. Utilizing angulated implants in the posterior, this restoration is an ideal option when faced with bone deficiencies or anatomical structures. Our expert technicians can rehabilitate and restore lower and upper jaws by using superior diagnostics and technical accuracy. Our lab uses the latest CAD/CAM technology combined with the precision of 3D imaging.